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The Impact of Tobacco on Your Oral Health | Dentist in West Frisco

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While the detrimental effects of tobacco on lung health are widely known, its impact on oral health is equally concerning. Whether you chew or smoke tobacco, your teeth and mouth are at significant risk. Let’s delve into the risks associated with tobacco use and how it affects your oral health.

Chewing Tobacco

Using chewing tobacco dramatically increases the risk of developing gum and cheek cancers, as highlighted by the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), which reports a 50-fold increase in this risk among tobacco chewers. Additionally, tobacco dissolves gum tissue, leading to gum recession and sensitivity from exposed tooth roots. This creates an ideal environment for bacterial growth, ultimately resulting in tooth decay. If you’re currently using chewing tobacco, it’s imperative to cease this habit. Consult with our experienced oral health team at Cotton Dentistry to explore strategies for maintaining optimal oral health.


The impact of smoking on oral health is equally concerning. AGD’s report indicates that smoking a pack of cigarettes a day can result in the loss of two teeth per decade of your life. Smoking significantly elevates the risk of tooth loss and contributes to various oral health issues. Both cigarettes and cigars pose threats to oral health, causing staining that diminishes the aesthetic appeal of your smile.

Oral Cancer

Tobacco use is strongly associated with oral cancer, which can develop on the tongue, lips, mouth floor, gums, and other oral tissues. While individuals over 50 and men are at higher risk, AGD reports a concerning rise in oral cancer cases among individuals under 30. Regular oral health examinations are essential, particularly for tobacco users. Schedule an appointment with our office for a comprehensive oral health examination, including an oral cancer screening. Early detection is key, as oral cancer can be effectively treated if detected early.

Quitting tobacco is paramount for safeguarding your oral health. Collaborate with our professional dental team and your healthcare provider to develop a cessation plan tailored to your needs. Regular oral health check-ups are crucial, especially for tobacco users, to monitor any potential issues and address them promptly.

For additional tips on maintaining oral health or to schedule your next visit to Cotton Dentistry, please reach out to us. Your oral health is our priority, and we’re here to support you on your journey to a healthy smile.

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