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How Can I Straighten My Teeth | West Frisco Dentist

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With respect to teeth straightening, most procedures and treatments are geared towards fixing multiple teeth or even an entire row. That’s the idea behind solutions like braces, aligners or even dentures. Sometimes, though, it’s only one tooth that is misaligned. When this happens, it can sabotage your entire smile, lower your confidence and lead to oral health issues. In addition, because the problem feels minute it often goes untreated.

There are lots of “do it yourself” projects you can complete successfully with just a little time and effort. However, “do it yourself” braces is not one of them. Despite that, there are a rising number of videos on YouTube instructing on how to fix your teeth at home, and even more online sites selling braces kits for those who want straighter teeth but want to avoid the orthodontist.

The most basic method of DIY braces is placing a rubber band around teeth in an attempt to move them together. While this may cause teeth to move, it can also cause a number of complications like tooth fracture, gum damage, root damage, tooth loss, or serious medical complications.

Perhaps your two front top teeth, your incisors, project slightly, or you have a wide gap in between the teeth.  A brace will bring these back in line in a relatively short amount of time and, with the help of a retainer, they will stay in place giving you a lifelong, beautiful smile.

In some cases, both the top two teeth and the bottom two teeth are misaligned.  Both top and bottom teeth can be repositioned. Sometimes the top and bottom teeth can be straightened at the same time, and sometimes it is better to concentrate on straightening each arch independently as it will be more comfortable for you.

Unsafe to straighten teeth by yourself

Having your teeth straightened at home is dangerous no matter what you do. Do not try to straighten your teeth with a do-it-yourself (DIY) rubber band or fishing line. Doing so leads to tooth loss, periodontal disease, and other irreversible tooth problems. An aesthetic dentist or orthodontist should supervise other orthodontic issues.